LUX Light 700


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LUX Light 700 is the new rechargeable battery light from Reelight with a max output of 700 lumen. The light is USB C rechargeable with a replaceable battery making it a perfect companion for longer trips as you can bring extra batteries if needed.



Combining sleek lines, high quality materials and compact dimensions that fit perfectly in the hand the LUX Light is a stylish addition to your bike as well as your other outdoor activities. The LUX Light has a removable strap made from durable braided rope making it easy to hang on the coat rack when not used. The aluminium casing provides extra robustness and ensures efficient cooling of the high power LED.

Handlebar mount

Fitting the handle bar mount is quick and easy using the Allen key included in the packaging. Once installed the light snaps firmly into the bracket and can be adjusted in all angles.

Two versions

This model is capable of emitting 700 lumen for 1 hour and 20 minutes straight without losing intensity. LUX Light is also available in a more compact 350 lumen version.

6 different light modes
- High, medium, low, pulse, strobe and eco-flash
High: 1,3 h @ 700 lm, medium: 3,7 h @ 300 lm,
low: 7,3 h @ 150 lm
Pulse: 17 h @ 150 lm, strobe: 16 h @ 75 lm,
eco-flash: 77 h @ 35 lm
Complies with Danish legislation
Rechargeable with included USB C cable
- Charger not included
No tools needed
- Allen key included for installation
Included with one replaceable and rechargeable battery
- ICR 18650, PCB protected, 2600 mAh
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How to Mount

Replaceable battery

If you need to go on a long trip you can easily extend the burn time on the LUX Light by replacing the rechargeable battery.

This also offers the possibility for upgrading the battery in the future if needed.

USB Rechargeable

Use the included USB C cable to recharge the LUX Light using any USB charger.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very good light with one major flaw

The headlight is very powerful, has an appealing design and is easy to mount, not to mention the usefullness as handheld flashlight when dismounted. Easy to charge via usb, nice option to remove the battery. I really wanted to like it, but ...

... I don't like the product design decision for the transparent lense cover ring at the front sides. The goal seemed to increase visibility to all sides (e.g. at intersections), but when traversing darker environments (for which a 1000lm light should qualify) I'm also blinded by my own headlight a little. It's not much, but enough for me to switch to other lights which disseminate their light cone strictly in front of me.

If a design update drops or the next generation of easy mounting headlight/lfashlights fixes this issue, I will happily buy it!

Thank you for your feedback R.G. We will considder it for any future upgrades.

Bart Van der Spiegel
Muli purpose and powerful light

I have already used the light walking in an underground fortification and will use it in the next month as extra light on my bycicle searching for toads to pick them up when they are sitting on the streets around sunset. We bring them after inventarisation towards a pool nearby. So we hope to reduce the amount of traffic casualties. Thanks to your powerful light, I'll find more toads before they try to cross the road.

Hi Bart. Thank you for your review and keeping the toads safe!

LUX light 700

I loved it !Very strong light.Perfect design
Plus very hepful to answear any queries

Keep up the great job!

Thanks a lot Thalia!

Markus Finkelnburg
Here comes the Sun

A wonderful lamp! It is somewhat reminiscent of the old Mag-Lite - compact, mobile and very bright. There are also six light variations - so they can also be used variably. Another mount for more bikes would be excellent - I would buy it immediately.

Thanks a lot Markus!

Kai Åberg
Great light

I really like this light. Not big in size but yet very powerful. I also find it very convenient that the flash and constant light modes are grouped separately into their own groups so that you don't have to cycle through all the light modes to find the one you are looking for. The mount works great and makes it easy to take the light on and off your bike. I only hope they were sold separately so that I could use the same light on two of my bikes.

Thanks a lot Kai! Hopefully we should have extra brackets available in the near future.