RL700 Series

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The front and rear lights are powered by a dynamo, mounted on the seat stay. The bike light produces its own environmentally friendly induction power by means of a coil in the dynamo and magnets on the bicycle spokes – completely without the use of batteries. The lights are permanently mounted, so you always have them with you. The light is always on whenever you cycle, which makes you extra safe in traffic – day and night.


The RL700 series has side position lights, which emit the light through small holes at angles of as much as 270°, greatly increasing visibility in traffic. Both the front and rear lights have E-approved reflectors. The front light is fitted to the fork crown above the front wheel. The rear light is fitted to either the luggage carrier or the seat post depending on which configuration you choose.

Magnet-powered bike lights mean no more flat batteries, no forgotten bike lights, no friction when you cycle – just lights which are always on and always safe.

Powered by magnets
- No friction
Complies with Danish legislation
Uses no batteries
Permanently mounted
Theft proof
Environmentally friendly
Always on - reduces accidents by 47%
E6 approved reflexes

Front Light

Constant front light
Road light
20 - 30 lumen at 15 km/h
Front light DOES NOT have ReePower™

Rear Light

ReePower™ Flash
Continues flashing for 2 min.
Flashing rear light
ReePower™ Constant
Continues shining for 2 min.
Constant rear light
Safety light

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Customer Reviews

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Marc Raudies

Würde ich wieder kaufen

Vielen Dank, Marc :)

Gutes System mit gutem Licht

Ich habe das System gekauft, um am Fahrrad meines Sohnes eine feste Lichtanlage zu installieren. Da das Fahrrad keinen Nabendynamo hat, habe ich etwas anderes gesucht. Ein Seitenläuferdynamo kam nicht in Frage und so bin ich bei meiner Suche auf das Reelight System gestoßen.
Nach der Bestellung wurde das Set schnell geliefert und dann haben wir es installiert. Leider passte es nicht an das Hinterrad, da es hier mit der Scheibenbremse und der Schaltung kollidierte. Also haben wir es an dem Vorderrad befestigt. Geht ebenso gut wie hinten.
Leider ist das Kabel des Rücklichtes zu kurz. So mussten wir improvisieren und das Kabel verlängern. Das hat geklappt und die Anlage funktioniert nun so wie gedacht.
Vielen Dank für die Technik. Sie ist zwar nicht StVO konform, dafür hat mein Sohn nun immer Licht am Fahrrad. Er kann die Akkulampen nicht mehr vergessen und sie sind auch nicht ständig leer. Für die Sicherheit im Straßenverkehr ist die Beleuchtung immens wichtig. Außerdem leuchten die Lampen noch eine Zeit lang, wenn das Fahrrad steht.
Ich würde die Lampen jederzeit weiterempfehlen und immer wieder kaufen.
Nur das Design der Lampen ist ein wenig oldschool oder retro.

Herzlichen Dank Thorsten :)

Eric Hansen
Barely enough output to be called a light.

When assembling kits to do a STEM demonstration for grade schoolers, one of the options is a 'flashlight' using a diode, some cardboard, some wires, and a coin cell. The kids can poke the leads thru the cardboard for mounting, and then clip on some wires. Then they squeeze the cardboard to activate the 'flashlight'. That's about as much light output as this light makes. Probably less than a AA incandescent pen-light from the 1980's. Less than 1/10th as much as is generated by my bike with a proper dynamo hub and Hermanns light units. The Reelight is convenient, but I don't think it's sufficient for riding on anything less than fully lighted streets.

Hi Eric,

The light output of RL700 is a show in the video on this page, which is more than sufficient for visibility in the city. If the output from your light is comparable to what a coin cell battery can provide then something is wrong and you should contact us at for support.

Juan Morales-Trejo
Good but I need more lumen (spanish)

Compré el kit de luces delantero y trasero en mayo de 2022 y desde entonces he sido feliz con ellas. La instalación es relativamente fácil cuando tienes el hábito de atornillar y cortar cosas, entendiendo que no es aplicable este método para todas las personas. En general, la iluminación es confiable pero noté que no conozco la cantidad de lúmenes que se producen. Es más intensa la luz trasera que la delantera. Sin embargo, a una velocidad mayor a 15 km/h, la luz delantera se pone muy tenue. En carretera estas luces no son eficientes porque las carreteras de México son muy oscuras y se requiere una buena distancia de advertencia para los autos con el fin de que noten nuestra presencia. Estoy considerando comprar el nuevo kit GEM+. Volver a baterías recargables no me gusta. Me inquieta que pudieran fallar con la lluvia, la cual no fue un tema relevante con las RL700 porque pasamos por aguaceros y las luces no dejaron de funcionar. No me puedo quejar, incluso al final, las luces fueron gratis porque gané un concurso de Reelight al postear una foto mía, con mi bicicleta y las lindas RL700.
El material es resistente, es plástico y metal, cables que se pueden reemplazar, todo está bien y el precio me pareció justo. He llevado las luces muy lejos en caminos de terracería, pavimento, lodo, etcétera y ahí estuvieron funcionando. Gracias por lo anterior.

Thank you very much, Juan. Please check that you have the generator positioned no further than 10 cm from the hub of the wheel, as this can cause the light to get dimmer at speeds above 15 km/h, as you described.

Great lights

Everything is working like charm. It is robust enough, simple enough to install (maybe like LE DELAS said you should put 4 faston conectors in package to ease up installation:-) and is working in all wether condition (also heavy snowing, though this one is not tested yet:-) its brightness is much better as previous ones. Also generator separate from lights enable some home repairs (broke wires or lights). I must say you got me. If i would need butter cookies or bike lights in the future i know where to buy it. Royal Dansk and Reelight. :-D

Thank you for your kind words Alex. We will remember to include some butter cookies for your next order :D