All our magnetic lights are powered by the rotation of the wheels. They are easy to install, don't require any external power source, and provide reliable and long-lasting performance.

Our lights are easy to mount and requires no special tools. We have something suitable for every bike type - whether you have a regular city bike, a road bike or an MTB.

We offer 3 different mounting positions for our magnetic lights. Choose your preferred mount here or scroll down to read more.


Low Mounted Lights 

Products: SL100 Series, SL200 Series, AMS Light

These low mounted magnetic bike lights will suit nearly any type of bike. The only difference on which on the pick, depends on your bike’s brake type. 

The great thing about these lights is that they are always on and always attached to your bike. Depending on your country’s regulations you can also get them in the exact version you want: as a flashing light or a constant light.

If you want to be sure to be seen in traffic, it is recommendable as an extra measure of cautiousness to get added high mounted lights.

Something to be aware of:

  •  Disc-brakes compatible: SL200
  • V-brakes / Caliper brakes: Compatible with SL100 Series, SL200 Series and AMS Light
  • Roller brakes compatible: SL200 series and AMS light.

Frame/High mounted bike lights

Products: NOVA, SL500 Series, SL600 Series, RL700 Series

These lights are suitable if you would like to have your bike lights placed very central on the bike. All four models are mounted on the head tube and at the seat post. They are all generating their own power by a dynamo connected to the lights.

The NOVA light can also be mounted on your luggage carrier or front basket.

Something to be aware of:

  • NOVA comes in several varieties, where the ones suitable for this type of mounting is just one option.
  • We do not recommend NOVA for mountain bikes or bikes with wide forks and fat tires. This is because many mountain bikes have a broad suspension fork and seat stay, which can result in difficulty when mounting the dynamos. In many cases, it is not possible to have it mounted close enough to the rim, resulting in poor performance.
  • The rim must be in aluminum for NOVA to function. Steel and carbon rims are not recommended for use with the NOVA Dynamo.
CIO+ light on bike wheel

Intermediate mounted bike lights

Products: CIO+

Our intermediated bike light is mounted on the bicycle's frame, near the wheel axles, mounted on the fork, and are thereby mounted somewhat in between the other types of bike lights. It can function both as the main light (depending on the requirements in your specific country) and as an extra safety light.

Something to be aware of:

  • The magnets can only be mounted on regular Ø2 mm spokes. Thicker spokes can usually be found on e-bikes and can cause difficulties.