For more than a decade Reelight have been helping cyclists around the world feel safe on the road. This have been possible due to our ground breaking induction bike light invention, where the bike light is powered by magnets that are placed on the spokes of your bike. The vision was to eliminate the use of batteries, thus removing the risk of flat batteries making you vulnerable in traffic. Based on a large scale research study with over 4,000 participating cyclist, Reelight has proven that our induction lights reduce the probability of accidents by 19%* when counting all accidents, and 47%* for accident with more than one involved party. Furthermore, 85%* of our induction light users have expressed to have felt safer whilst riding in traffic. The main reason for the high reduction of accidents showed to be caused by the fact that the lights where also on when riding - both night and day. The term is called daytime running lights (DRL) and is well known from the car industry. Many countries require the use of DRL on cars as it is well proven to reduce the amount of accidents.

DRL dynamo lights made by Reelight have become the standard on bikes in Denmark and are today mounted on 1/3 bikes. The lights have been proven effective and are well tested, but now it is time for us to take the concept to the next level.


* [Madsen, J. C. O., Andersen, T., & Lahrmann, H. S. (2013). Safety effects of permanent running lights for bicycles: A controlled experiment. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 50, 820- 829]