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Introducing Reelight STADIUM – a USB-C rechargeable bike light set designed for the modern cyclist. With 65 lumens of bright light, universal mounting options, and seven dynamic light modes, you can tailor your visibility to any situation. Weatherproof and available in three sleek colours, the STADIUM offers unparalleled functionality and style for every ride.


Compact Brilliance

The STADIUM bike lights packs a punch with its 65 lumens of brightness, ensuring you’re visible in heavy traffic.

Universal Mounting

Designed to fit all bikes, the STADIUM can be easily attached to your handlebar, headtube, fork, basket, seat post, seat stay, or luggage carrier.

Weatherproof Warrior

With an IPX4 rating, you are ensured a reliable performance in all weather conditions.

Seven Light Modes

Customize your illumination to suit any situation. Choose from high, mid, mid + flash, bounce, siren, pulse, and eco-flash modes.

Wearable Option

With the included carabiner you can easily clip the STADIUM to your backpack, making it a versatile wearable.

Colourful Choices

Express your style with three different colours: Black, Cool Grey, and Azure Blue.


7 light modes: high, mid,
mid + flash, bounce, siren, pulse and eco-flash
Complies with Danish legislation
Rechargeable with included USB C cables
- Charger not included
No tools needed
- Allen key included for installation
Built-in rechargeable 350 mAh li-poly battery

Front light

High: 4 h @ 35 lm, mid: 5,5 h @ 25 lm,
mid + flash: 4,5 h @ 25 / 65 lm
Bounce: 10,5 h @ 35 lm, siren: 7,5 h @ 35 lm,
pulse: 6,5 h @ 35 lm
Eco-flash: 17 h @ 15 lm

Rear light

High: 3 h @ 11 lm, mid: 6,5 h @ 5 lm,
mid + flash: 4,5 h @ 5 / 25 lm

Bounce: 8 h @ 11 lm, siren: 6 h @ 11 lm,
pulse: 5 h @ 11 lm
Eco-flash: 14 h @ 5 lm

Easy Mounting

Installing STADIUM is made easy with the mounting brackets provided. The front light securely attaches to your handlebar, fork, headtube, or basket, and the rear light to the seat post, seat stay, or luggage carrier. After installation, STADIUM can be effortlessly clipped in and out of the bracket.


A carabiner is included in the STADIUM set for attaching to your backpack, jacket, your dog's collar, or any desired location.

USB Rechargeable

Use the included USB-C cable to recharge the STADIUM light using any USB charger. The light can be charged from 0% to 100% in about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

7 Light Modes

Select from seven distinct light modes to enhance visibility in traffic.

The initial six modes are classified as constant light modes, with at least one of the five individual LEDs being powered on at all time.

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