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As the summer is here and the sun shines brightly, it's the perfect time to dust off your bike and hit the road. While many cyclists consider bike lights essential only for dark or low-light conditions, there are several reasons why riding with lights during the summer is a wise choice. In this blog post, we explore the benefits of biking with lights in the summer and why everyone should make it a part of their cycling routine.



Enhanced Visibility

One of the most crucial reasons to use bike lights in the summer is to improve visibility. Even during the daytime, bright sunlight, shadows, and glare can make it challenging for motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists to spot you on the road. By equipping your bike with lights, you make yourself more noticeable, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safer ride.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 cycling accidents occur during daylight hours? This is probably because this is a time when most people are riding and driving - but this also means that it is important to ensure your visibility at all times - also during the daylight hours. 


Increased Safety

Summer evenings often extend well into dusk, and bike rides can easily stretch into the twilight hours. Having lights on your bike ensures that you remain visible as daylight fades, making it easier for drivers and other road users to see you. This added safety measure reduces the chances of collisions and provides peace of mind during your summer adventures. 

In fact, research has proven that riding with visible bike lights even during day time is an effective measurement c can take to increase their likelihood of being seen by traffic. The accident rate has proven to be 33% lower for cyclists with bicycle running lights than for those without when it comes to d bike lights! This means that biking with your lights on even in the d will give you an extra layer of visibility and safety on the road.



Traffic and Urban Cycling

Summer brings an increase in outdoor activities, festivals, and events, which means more traffic and crowded streets. Whether you're commuting through a busy city or exploring a popular tourist destination, using bike lights becomes essential. And this goes for so much more than just safety and visibility in traffic.

When you are riding between crowded places and events in the city, riding with your lights on can help signal your presence, alerting motorists and pedestrians to your presence and making your movements more predictable, which promotes safer interactions and minimises the risk of accidents.

Functionality, Fun and Style

Bike lights are not just for safety; they can also add an element of fun and style to your summer rides. With an array of colourful and creative bike light options available, you can personalise your bike and make it stand out in a crowd. Whether it's vibrant LED strips, spoke lights, or unique light patterns, adding lights to your bike can turn heads and bring joy to your summer cycling experience.

Modern bike lights also offer impressive features and advancements. LED lights are energy-efficient, provide long battery life, and come in various brightness levels. Some lights have multiple modes, including flashing or pulsating options, to further enhance visibility. USB-rechargeable lights have made it more convenient than ever to power up your lights before every ride.

Especially today, with so many different companies you can get bike lights in great and creative designs and minimalistic and sleek shapes and forms. The light isn't just for its functionality - it can also play a key role in accessorising your bike to fit your personality and riding style! This goes for any weather, all year round.


Biking in the summer with lights is not just a safety precaution; it's a way to ensure that you enjoy your rides to the fullest. Remember, your safety and the safety of those around you should always be a top priority. So, before you embark on your summer cycling adventures, make sure to equip your bike with reliable and vibrant lights, and embrace the illuminated ride that will enhance your summer biking experience. Stay safe, have fun, and pedal on!



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