Reelight is a Danish design brand located in Aarhus, Denmark. It was established with a passion for making life safer in an easier way in 2003 by Jochum Kirsebom. We create bike lights suitable for modern society always on the go and our lights are made with a love for Northern aesthetics and for a simpler way of living. Our lights remove one very worrying concern in daily life, namely the concern of remembering your bike lights and thereby staying safe. It is a small thing; however, it is a small thing making a huge difference in making daily life simpler, safer and easier to live.





It is our declared goal to make all cyclists visible in traffic both day and night
and thus contribute to the hindering of road related accidents.


We focus on using solid and long-lasting materials tested for its endurance under harsh weather conditions.


We strive to make innovative solutions with a focus on simplicity, ease and aesthetics.


We believe that everyone should choose the bicycle whenever possible and doing so should be as easy, safe and comfortable as possible. Reducing the amount of batteries used in bike lights is a key feature of Reelight products.



Reelight has been awarded several times for design, innovation and user-friendly features. Reelight won the prestigious Eurobike Award for two consecutive years. Innovation, safety and eco-friendliness were the decisive criteria when the jury chose to award the prizes to Reelight.

Reelight has won the Red Dot Design Award both in 2013 for Reelight GO and again in 2018 for Reelight CIO.